These Blue Remembered Hills
Sometimes, the only way out of heartbreak is to go straight through.
Mollie Purslow’s peers are keen to escape the small, English village of Marris Mynd. Only Mollie wants everything, and everyone, to remain the same. At her farm high in the beautiful Shropshire hills, Mollie aims to carry on with her late father’s passion for farming and creating artisan cheese. But her life begins to crumble when her boyfriend, Rhys Davies, decides to forge a new future – without her. Following the break-up, Mollie’s childhood friendships dissolve, and her livelihood is threatened, leaving her family at a loss as to how to help her through the darkness that engulfs her. With the unlikely support of an aristocratic young man, an annoying but ever-loyal sister, and the motivation of her dreams, Mollie must persevere past her heartbreak. Purchase today, as an eBook or paperback, through the following retailers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo,  Apple iBooks, Overdrive and Smashwords


Summer Theatre
It was the week that changed everything. Annie Sutton’s life is unraveling when she accepts an assignment as a costume seamstress at Rysdonne Priory, a magical country house in England’s wild and beautiful Devon. Although her parents have irreparable problems and the love of her life is on a different continent, Annie holds fast to her own dream of domestic bliss. But complication arises when Annie meets handsome Will St John, just as her long-awaited plans are falling into place. Against the backdrop of a theatrical production and a cast of characters that seem equally dramatic off-stage, Annie discovers that she’s been betrayed, and must escape the tangled dilemma she’s fashioned for herself. Heartwarming and richly textured, Summer Theatre takes readers on a personal journey of first love, lost love, and the love that will carry on through a lifetime. Readers of Marcia Willett and Rosamunde Pilcher’s shorter novels will enjoy Michele Deppe’s perceptive rendering of endearing characters, idyllic settings, and serene storytelling. (As an ebook or paperback through Amazon.)

Village Fete
Defeated, divorced, and obliged to leave London, Simon Whiston comes home– to the English village to which he vowed he'd never return, and to the sister with whom he never got along. But his heart is not the only one in need of healing. As summer draws to a close, Simon discovers an unexpected kinship with his sister, inspires a new confidence in a boy who has been longing for a father, and kindles a romance with the most unlikely woman in the village. (Available as an ebook or paperback through Amazon , Barnes and Noble, and also as an audio recording by London-based actor, Chris Poulson via Audible, iTunes, and WhisperSync.)


Minding Jackson
Jane Quinn is proud of the florist business that she's worked hard to build in the quaint English village of Hartsbury. But when her world is rocked by tragedy, Jane finds herself seemingly without a friend, or even a home. Worse, an estranged parent who lives an ocean away suddenly lays claim to Jackson, a little boy that Jane loves as her own. Bewildered and running out of options, Jane discovers that the man that she had least expected to capture her heart becomes the one who will help her weather the storm, and lead her back home. (Available as an ebook through AmazonEncore and in paperback, as originally published by Crimson Romance, through Amazon and Barnes & Noble)


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About The Author

Meet Michele
Michele Deppe is a novelist and freelance writer. Her writing earned a Silver Eddie at the 2007 Folio Awards, and three awards from Highlights for Children magazine. Her debut novel, Minding Jackson, was released from Crimson Romance in the summer of 2012.
Michele and her artist husband, Tod, (whose last name rhymes with "peppy") live in a small rural village close to Seattle, Washington, USA